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  • About Coretta

    Hello, I’m Coretta! I’m a marvelous torbie-colored kitty with a luxuriously thick and fluffy coat. Though my coat may look high-maintenance, I actually don’t shed much. Not only do I keep myself nice and groomed, but I also LOVE to be brushed. I think it’s one of my favorite things that my foster mom and I do together!

    My other favorite things include lap time, playing with wand toys, wrestling my catnip pillow, napping in the sun, and being doted upon by my devoted humans. I’m all about, well, me!

    I love being the center of attention and am never afraid to meet new people and be admired. Just look how beautiful I am! For this reason, I’m at my happiest when I’m the only kitty in the home. I really bond with my person, so you will never feel like you need another kitty with me around!

    I’m a mature kitty (born in 2004) and am looking for a cat-experienced home with no children. I can get a little overstimulated, so I need to be around humans who will understand my needs and preferences. What can I say? I’m a refined lady and I like to be respected. In return, I’ll be a loyal and loving companion! Just ask my foster mom!

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