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  • About Leo

    Ready to meet one dreamy creamsicle? Leo is a little lion of a cat with orange and white fur that is so soft to the touch.

    Leo seeks out attention, and if he hasn’t caught your eye, he will gently paw you to pick him up and place him in your lap. There he will contently stay for an hour or so, and then it’s time to check out the rest of his kingdom. He’s not a needy cat–just one that enjoys companionship with his people. And that companionship includes conversations. Leo will always be there ready to listen and reassure you with a gentle purr.

    Leo would do best in a home without any other pets, but with Leo, you couldn’t find a better furry companion. He is a medium-size male whose estimated birth year is 2001.

    This wonderfully handsome boy is eagerly waiting to meet you. Leo will be your new best friend—whether you want to cuddle, enjoy a little playtime, or just kick back on the couch together—he’s up for anything. Check out his video and you can see him playing with an Animal Aid volunteer:

    Leo was recently diagnosed with early renal disease and is looking for a special person to care for him in his golden years. Leo was also born with a condition which made his retina detach in his eye and the eye had to be removed this year. He is a candidate for Animal Aid’s Helping Hands program. If you are interested in finding out more about Helping Hands or meeting Leo, please contact adopt-cat@animalaidpdx.org or call 503-292-6628 option 3.

    Leo is currently in a foster home so if you would like to meet him please fill out an adoption application first.

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