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  • All adoptable animals receive any necessary veterinary care, are current on all vaccinations, treated for parasites, microchipped and spayed/neutered prior to adoption,
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  • Not all animals available for adoption live at our shelter – all of the dogs and several of the cats are in foster homes. To meet these animals, please submit an adoption application. Once it has been reviewed you will be contacted to arrange a meeting.
  • Important: Because we do home visits, we rarely adopt out of our local Portland metro area and we never ship an animal.

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Meet Mitzi! After a long stay at the shelter, this senior diva found her purrfect match. Contact !

Meet Mitzi

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Mitzi invites you to help!
Mitzi invites you to help!

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Meet Mitzi at ~ After a long stay at the shelter, this senior diva found her purrfect match.

Watching the birds in her new home!
Happy Ending!
From the Spring 2012 Newsletter.

When Mitzi first arrived at Animal Aid, she was loving and playful, she knocked toy mice off of shelves and watched as volunteers picked them up (she had them trained really well). But as the months passed, she became less friendly and playful; you were as likely to get a hiss and a swat as kisses. Once she was moved to a room of her own, and then a quiet foster home, her loving side began to emerge again, but her reputation as a grumpy kitty with “cat-itude” kept getting her overlooked by adopters. Mitzi needed someone who would let her be grumpy or sweet, on her own terms.

This fall, Mitzi met that special someone! Gail took Mitzi home knowing her story and ready to shower her with love and patience. Mitzi was given the new name of Luna to celebrate her beginning with Gail. After a couple months getting to know each other Luna will now let Gail pick her up for cuddles, and Luna purrs, snuggles, and drools when rubbed on her ears, chin, and tummy. Luna loves to watch the bird feeder out the patio window and has made the house her home!

When I first came to the shelter, I was loving and playful. I'd tap my toy mouse off the top shelf and watch him fall to the ground, then look over at a volunteer to see if they'd pick it up for me. I had them trained pretty well. If they came close enough, I'd give them little kisses. Sometimes I’d even gently lick their face.

Then I'd ask to have my soft fur stroked. If I was lucky, I'd get a chin scratch. That's my favorite. Ahhhh! It made me so excited that I started making muffins – just normal muffins at first – but as I got more and more into it, I'd raise my paws higher and higher like a dancing Lipizzan horse. Ok, I’m a little eccentric.

But then months passed. I played less, I made less muffins, I didn't want to be petted anymore. I got frustrated living with so many other cats, so they moved me to the kitchen. For a while it was great. I had the room to myself and people would visit. But then months passed, and then, sadly, a year passed and I was still in the kitchen, all by myself.

I started eating more and put on a little too much weight. I'm on a diet now, so I don't even have food as a friend. Some days I know I'm grumpy. I don't like to be touched or picked up. I just want to be left alone. But, of course, I don't really want to be left alone. What I want is a home.

I know I'm going to have a hard time finding someone to adopt me the way I am. I mean, why would anyone pick me when there are cats that will run up to you and ask for attention. If you click the Video icon above, you'll see me when I first arrived at the shelter. You can see what I could be like if my life got back to normal. Is there anyone who would be willing to take a chance on me? Just think how happy we would both be the first time we snuggled together.

I was born in 1999 and have been declawed.

If you want to read my blog "More about Mitzi" then click here.

Mitzi is a medium-size female whose estimated birth year is 1999. She is adopted, and is currently living with the adoptive family.