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  • All adoptable animals receive any necessary veterinary care, are current on all vaccinations, treated for parasites, microchipped and spayed/neutered prior to adoption,
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Meet Fella! Iím a stunner who enjoys a playful game of chase, but I also enjoy some lap time. Iím loving and playful. I've got it all Ė looks and personality. Iíll keep your lap warm and your heart happy. Letís meet soon. I want to be your Fella! Contact !

Meet Fella

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Fella invites you to help!
Fella invites you to help!

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Meet Fella at ~ Iím a stunner who enjoys a playful game of chase, but I also enjoy some lap time. Iím loving and playful. I

I'm fun, good looking and a snuggler. I get a lot of compliments on my unique style. I have a silver/smoke tint to my silky fur with a white bib and cute little dollops of white on my face.

Are you looking for wild adventures? Then, Iím definitely your little Fella! Yes, I like to walk a bit on the wild side -- I know how to have a good time. I love to hide in boxes, cupboards, and any enclosed space, and then pop out when youíre not expecting it. It makes me giggle. You see, I'm an explorer at heart. I also love to play games, something along the lines of hide and seek. Itís not just a human game, you know. Clever cats, like me, know how to play games too.

Have you been longing to snuggle up with a Fella like me? Well, guess what. I've been longing to cuddle with you! I may play tough, but Iím a sensitive guy at heart. In fact, Iíve been told that Iím the most charming of them all, with my handsome face, my silky fur, and my loving disposition. Curling up in laps is the greatest thing in the world--next to chasing a laser light, of course. Those are my favorite, by the way! I could play with that little red light for hours and hours. Yes, for me, there is no such thing as too much attention. Whether it be playtime, or cuddle time, Iím your Fella!

What Iím truly longing for -- more than the biggest mouse, more than the tallest cat tree in the world, and more than a laser light that never shuts off -- is a home of my own, with someone I can nuzzle, cuddle, play games with, and love furrever. So, are you looking for that perfect fella? Why, then I do believe you and I are a match made in heaven!

Oh, what a ball of fun, am I,
Who longs to curl up on your thigh,
Or through the window, watch the sky
For taunting birds to catch my eye.
I love to play, Iím never shy.
My sense of humorís never dry.

ďWill you nuzzle me when I cry?Ē
With purrs and kisses, I reply.
Iíll soothe your tears and wipe your eye,
Be your best friend, you can rely
On me. You see? I am your guy!
This little Fellaís your ally.

Please come and see me, by and by.
And when my loving eyes, you spy,
We both will breathe a little sigh.
Into your loving arms, Iíll fly.
Youíll take me home with you, whereby,
Weíll never have to say goodbye!

Fella is a medium-size male whose estimated birth year is 2010. He is adopted, and is currently living with the adoptive family.