AAFUVC (Animal Aid Fund for Urgent Veterinary Care)

Inspired by our founder, Jack Hurd

The AAFUVC is set up to help those who are facing urgent and overwhelming veterinary expenses without the means to pay for them. Animal Aid partnered with veterinary offices in Portland to offer financial support. The veterinary office offers discounted rates and facilitate the grant appointments from the fund. 100% of the program’s funds go directly to paying veterinary bills.

In 2014, we expanded the AAFUVC to incorporate the Helping Hands fund. The Helping Hands fund was developed to support animals adopted from us who have health or behavioral conditions making their adoptions more financially challenging to our great adopters. The fund can assist with medications, training, or unexpected medical treatment.  If you would like to donate to this fund please click the Give Now button at the top of the page and choose AAFUVC.

C-SNIP (Canine Spay Neuter in Portland)

C-SNIP (Canine Spay Neuter in Portland) is a collaboration between Animal Aid and PAW Team (Portland Animal Welfare Team) aimed at making affordable canine spay/neuter available to homeless and extremely low-income Portland area residents. The new C-SNIP initiative is being funded by a bequest to Animal Aid from the estate of Patricia Smith, a local animal lover who specified that part of the money be spent on spay/neuter. Animal Aid is honoring her request by subsidizing a minimum of 1000 canine sterilizations in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas and Clark counties. Because of this unique collaboration between Animal Aid, PAW Team and volunteer veterinarians in the area, C-SNIP is able to devote 100% of the funds from the original bequest to spay and neuter, ensuring that every dollar goes directly to this important need.

Both PAW Team and Animal Aid believe that, while spaying and neutering should be the norm at all economic levels, there are compelling reasons why they should choose to focus now on the pets of people living in extreme poverty. These folks are struggling for the essentials and have little or no money for veterinary care of any kind – which is what PAW Team provides with their volunteer vets.

Currently, PAW Team operates monthly clinics at the organization’s office at 2700 NW Front Ave. Clinics are the second Sunday of every month, with a few exceptions when the organization has mobile outreach. PAW Team, which requires that all of its clients’ animals be spayed/neutered, also provides routine vet care, flea control, pet supplies, licensing, and vaccinations.

There are three communities that will benefit greatly from C-SNIP: the animals themselves, the homeless and low-income people who are their guardians, and the greater community. The Portland area community-at-large will benefit because unsterilized dogs are more likely to stray, be hit by a car, and become aggressive. Up to 97% of dog bites are from such animals. If you would like to donate to this fund please click the Give Now button at the top of the page and choose C-SNIP.


The Heartstrings program is a wonderful way to make an impact in the lives of Animal Aid’s shelter animals. Many of our Heartstrings pets are long-time residents who are still waiting for their forever family. They may be senior pets getting passed by for the youngsters, formerly abused and neglected pets needing more tender loving care, shy pets requiring extra reassurance, or animals with a medical condition.

Sponsoring a Heartstrings Pet is a wonderful way to honor or memorialize a friend or family member — including furry, four-legged ones. All proceeds go to providing ALL of our animals with the best care (including medical attention) while they wait for their forever homes.

All proceeds go to providing all of our animals with the best care while they wait for their forever homes. With a donation of $25 or more, you receive:

  • A certificate of appreciation
  • A photo and bio of your chosen pet
  • Note of gratitude or acknowledgement

If you would like to donate to this program please click here to go to our Heartstrings page.