Fall Newsletter: Alex Hussey, Serving the Animals

img_5459Army veteran Alex Hussey first heard about Animal Aid through the Wounded Warriors Project after looking for volunteer opportunities in the Portland area involving animals.

Animal Aid caught his eye after he learned of its front entrance ramp and single floor visiting rooms.  These are necessary shelter features for Alex; he lost both of his legs in Afghanistan.

While serving with the Fourth Brigade Combat Team of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in 2012,  Alex  was seriously wounded after a hidden explosive device detonated underneath him.

Alex required immediate medical attention, followed by years of intense rehabilitation—including learning how to eat and speak again.

Alex returned home to Oregon two years ago and has been “an animal lover his whole life” from “growing up with five cats—one for each family member.”

Since last year, Alex has been an Animal Aid socializer on Tuesday afternoons.

Alex says the most rewarding part of socializing is “feeling the love from all of the cats.”

Meagan Cuthill

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