Fall Newsletter: Leo’s Journey with Animal Aid

leo-th-img_2285Despite his creamy fur and calm demeanor, Leo is a senior kitty who’s had a rough time.

Leo first came to Animal Aid at the beginning of 2014.  After some time in the shelter, Leo went into a foster home, back to Animal Aid and then to another foster home.

While in his second foster home this year, Leo was diagnosed with a condition he was born with which made his retina detach in one of his eyes.  Because of this condition, Leo’s left eye had to be removed. He also has kidney disease.

Thanks to generous donations, Animal Aid was able to pay for Leo’s eye surgery and has made him comfortable in the shelter’s blue room, where he currently resides.

Leo embodies the type of animal that Animal Aid hopes to help under its mission of compassion for sick and harder to place pets.

Leo is member pet of Animal Aid’s Heartstrings program, which allows donors to sponsor long-time shelter residents.

Heartstrings pets may be senior animals getting passed by for younger pets, formerly abused and neglected pets needing more tender loving care, shy pets requiring extra reassurance from people or animals with medical conditions.

Animal Aid knows Leo’s forever family is out there.  Your donation to the Heartstrings program can help Leo continue to be well taken care of during his time at the shelter.

Learn more about the Heartstrings program at https://animalaidpdx.org/heartstrings