Winter Letter from Samir

Dear Friend of Animal Aid,

Hi there, I’m Samir!  You may not have met me yet, ‘cause I’ve only been at Animal Aid for a little while, but I couldn’t be happier to be here.

I came to the shelter as a surrendered animal; my people were moving away to escape a domestic violence situation and they couldn’t take me with them.  They told Animal Aid that I lived with other cats, but none of my buddies were dropped off with me.

samir-web0At first, I was really shy and scared at Animal Aid.  I was in a new place without my two-legged and four-legged family.  But after moving into an office with a human, I’ve come out of my shell.  The office human says she’s seen me really blossom.  

Now, I come out to greet visitors instead of staying hidden away in a desk where the human works.  And once I get some pets, I start purring loudly in no time.  I also love sitting on laps.  “Samir” means loyal and charming companion in Arabic, and I sure embody my name!

I’m currently quite a large guy – I weigh over 20 pounds!  I need to lose about 7 pounds to meet my goal weight, so Animal Aid is helping me diet.  They even got me an orange feeding ball to help me get healthier before I get adopted!

This holiday season, please donate to Animal Aid to help them care for pets like me who come from tough circumstances.  We may not have permanent homes, but Animal Aid’s shelter and foster home placements let us rest easy and be loved while we wait for the right people to make us forever members of their families.

By opening your heart and including Animal Aid in your end of year giving, you can help homeless animals in the year ahead.  Donations are all tax-deductible and allow Animal Aid to provide us a comfortable temporary home and all the care we need.

No matter the size of the gift, your support makes a difference: you help make my life better and brighter!

Wishing you a happy pawliday season and a purrfect new year,