2016 Happy Tail: Cole

It’s hard to believe how long Cole, a handsome young black cat, was with Animal Aid.  He spent nearly two years in our care.    

But being passed over by potential adopters didn’t make Cole give up hope on finding his forever family.  And Cole had experienced a tough loss before coming to the shelter.

His former family lost their home to a fire.  Luckily everyone survived, but Cole’s family had to give him up.  

Cole knew his second chance would come – and it did. 

Animal Aid knew Cole would do best in a home with another cat buddy.  And as it turned out, his perfect home was with another Animal Aid alumnus adopted this year.

After Avery was adopted and renamed Aloysious by his new parents, it didn’t take long for them to see he wanted another cat to play with.  So they returned to Animal Aid to add Cole to their family.  

Cole, now called Smoot, is doing great and has a wonderful friendship with Avery.  Both cats are very happy boys!   
Photo courtesy of adopters.  Avery was adopted in January and Cole was adopted in April.