2016 Happy Tail: Bernice, Buster, and Flora

While they all came from different intakes, Bernice, Buster and Flora were together in Animal Aid’s Main Room and got to know each other this year.  All three cats are young and playful.  

And lucky for Bernice, Buster and Flora, they caught the eye of one adopter: she wanted all three of the young cats! 

While Bernice got to go home with her adopter right away, Flora and Buster had to stay at the shelter a few more weeks because of ringworm.

But that didn’t sway their adopter, she came several times to visit them in their isolation room.  She even rented a 4-wheel drive car on a snowy day when Buster was declared free of ringworm and ready to be picked up!  Finally, by the end of December, all the kitties made it to their shared forever home for a three times the tail-wagging happy tail!

Bernice was adopted in November and Buster and Flora were adopted in December.