Animal Aid Welcomes Director of Operations

Animal Aid is pleased to introduce Paige O’Rourke as its new Director of Operations! Paige is set to join the staff on Feb. 1.

Paige is passionate about animal welfare and thrilled to join the Animal Aid team. For several years she has served as a volunteer for Born Again Pit Bull Rescue (BAPBR), culminating in her role as Co-Director in charge of operations and strategic planning. She has an impressive array of skills and past experiences to bring to the table for shelter operations and outreach.

In addition to her volunteer work, Paige is coming to us from her former position as the Operations Coordinator for the nonprofit Literary Arts, where she managed a wide range of administrative and operational tasks that helped prepare her for this challenging role at Animal Aid. Her background is further augmented by her B.A. in English from Western Oregon University and M.A. in Writing and Publishing from Portland State University.

Paige is excited to apply her skill set to Animal Aid’s operational needs.  

Upon assuming her role as Director of Operations, Paige will step down as Co-Director of BAPBR. Her continued involvement as a board member and volunteer with this wonderful organization speaks to her commitment to animal welfare. We are proud to be able to add her to our staff, professionally and publicly representing Animal Aid.

Please join the staff and Board in welcoming Paige as our newest staff member at Animal Aid!