Charming chi looking to be your Buddy

Hi there! Buddy’s the name, and being ridiculously cute is my game. See how my one ear is floppy while the other one is perky? I mean, C’MON, what’s a dog gotta do?

I’m currently chillin’ in a foster home with a couple other chihuahuas, and sometimes my foster mom takes me to work with her so I can supervise the workload and make sure everyone’s taking the appropriate number of “Let’s pet Buddy” breaks.

At five years old, I’m young enough to enjoy lots of walks and old enough to have manners, and I love to play chase with anyone who’s interested. Oh, and get this: I’m eight pounds of charm. Yeah, you read that correctly: I am composed entirely of charm.

So, look, I’m not really sure how you’re still reading this instead of rushing to get me, but I guess that’s a good thing because you’re gonna need to fill out an application first. Don’t worry, you can find everything you need here. And while you’re on the Animal Aid website, be sure to check out the video on my page—it’s pretty much guaranteed to be the best 18 seconds of your life.

I’m ready for my forever home where I can be someone’s forever buddy. I’m not sure what the hold up is, but I’ll practice my patience and look to add another ounce to my charm. My gotcha day’s coming soon, I know it—and I’ve gotta say, I have a good feeling you might be the one.