Thank you to our nonprofit community!

One of the great things about nonprofits is the sense of community they often build–whether it’s a legion of volunteers who come together to fulfill a mission, individuals who open their hearts and pocket books for the cause,  or fellow nonprofits sharing resources for the enrichment of the community as a whole. In the last month, Animal Aid has been the beneficiary of several of these acts of kindness and giving, and we want to take a moment to give thanks and recognize what an amazing community we are a part of.

Adoptable Addy enjoying a midday snooze.

On May 18, we held our second-ever $5 Fursday to request assistance with purchasing a new HVAC system after ours had suddenly and unexpectedly quit on us. With the hot summer weather already encroaching, the need was urgent but the price was high: it was going to cost us $10,000 for a new system. When we put out the call for donations to help “keep our kitties cool,” our hope was that our supporters could help us raise $1,000 to offset a fraction of the cost. However, we were once again amazed and humbled by the generosity of our community: our supporters rallied together to help us raise $6,500, covering more than half the cost of the new system! Now our kitties, like Addy, have been able to enjoy this week’s 85-degree weather in comfort. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who helped make this happen!

Over Memorial Day weekend, we found ourselves surrounded by fur of a different kind while attending the 2017 Furlandia convention as their Charity of Honor for the third year in a row. One of the beautiful things about this convention and the people who run it is how unfailingly welcoming and kindhearted everyone is. The Furlandia staff made us feel like a special part of this convention by creating and sharing a video about our shelter, including an article about us in their convention booklet,  allowing us to present about Animal Aid to their attendees, and providing donation solicitation shout-outs throughout the weekend. By the close of the convention, over $1,200 in donations had been raised for the animals in our care. We are so thankful to the Furlandia team for helping us fulfill our mission and excited to return to the convention again next year!

On June 1, our friends at SCRAP PDX spent their community craft night making cozy (not to mention adorable) pet beds for Animal Aid and other local rescue groups. As you can see, these beds have been given the official paw of approval by one of SCRAP’s rescue pups, and we can’t wait to share them with the cats and dogs in our care! Thank you for helping us make sure our animals are resting easy, SCRAP!