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Cat Baby Small Short Fur Female
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  • About Bettie

    Nickname: Bettie the Busy Bee

    The Basics: I’m a youngster and really want to play, play, play! I need to go to a home with another young playful cat who wants to run around or a cat-loving dog since I will go stir crazy with just people around. I was a stray from Hawaii. I am a talker and has a mildy raspy voice so I might have some Siamese in my ancestry somewhere.

    Likes: Chasing any kind of toy, running through your legs, meowing to tell you all about what I’m thinking, jumping and climbing. I do eventually tire and out and enjoying petting and I tolerate being held but haven’t settled into it yet.

    Dislikes: Sitting still for too long!

    Looking for: A home with another youngish cat or dog who wants to play with me! I need that socialization and activity.

    My estimated birthdate is 5/15/2018.

    I’m a S.T.A.R. animal which means I have a set adoption of $150 to help support the animals who will stay in the shelter longer.

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