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Dog Adult Large Short Fur Male
  • Heartstrings
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  • No Kids Please

  • About Huck

    Four-year-old goof ball seeks emotional support human for journey through big scary world

    WOOF! Oh, is that a treat you have? Okay, sure, we can be friends! But please don’t sneak up on me like that again; it really sets off my anxiety.

    The name’s Huck. Being a big boy at just under 100 pounds, you’d think I’d be ready to take on the world. But the truth is I’m often intimidated by new people and places and need slow introductions and a human companion (or two) who has experience working with dogs whose needs are similar to mine. I’ve been known to be protective of my people, but what I really need is your help to be protected. You know how some humans have emotional support animals? Well, I’m in need of an emotional support human. Do you know of anyone looking for the job?

    Even though my friends at the shelter often call me a big goof ball, the truth is I’m super smart. Not to brag, but I already know lots of commands like “Sit,” “Down,” “Shake,” “Go to bed,” “Wait,” “Stay,” “Come,” and “Easy,” among others. Plus, I LOOOOOVE treats and do really well with positive reinforcement training.

    Okay, I guess I can be pretty goofy sometimes, too–just take a look at me in the videos below. As you can see, once I get to know you and feel safe, I’m all wags and kisses. I love play time with my people, and a good game of tug-o-war is my favorite!

    I’m looking for a quiet home with one or two adults (no children, please) and a securely fenced yard for me to run and play in. I’m currently living with a canine foster brother that I love, but I’m still getting use to other dogs and can be selective about my friends. Sorry I can’t be more accommodating than that, but I’ve had some time to get to know myself and think this would allow me to be safe, happy, and just enjoy my doggy days. That’s not so much to ask, right?

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