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Cat Senior Large Short Fur Male
  • Heartstrings
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  • About Kuma

    Hi, I’m Kuma! I’m a large Siamese guy with a lot of personality.  I am talkative sometimes but I don’t have the loud raspy Siamese meow. If you know Siamese, you know we can be quite discerning in our tastes. I want to be King. I enjoy rubbing up against your legs and petting on my head. I’m not a big fan of little children and while I can tolerate other cats around me I like my space.

    I came to the shelter after my person was no longer able to care for me and I lived for some months in an apartment just getting fed and checked in on every day or so. I am very ready to have someone to be my friend and guardian again. I had some kind of accident in my past which causes pain in my hips and back legs but I get pain medication and occasional exercises to help with that. I love treats and am very engaging once I feel comfortable.

    My estimated birthdate is 5/1/2006.


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