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  • About Pip

    Calling all single ladies! Okay, a single gentleman might be all right as well—but definitely only one of you!

    And you are a very special adopter, with experience working with a traumatized dog like me. Truth is, when I’m jealous or scared sometimes I just lose it – so for my safety and the safety of others you’ll need to be very careful to shelter me from the things that set me off.

    The name’s Pip, and though it may not look it by my little 10-pound poodle-mix body, in me beats the heart of a lion.

    A cowardly lion. Who is very shy and terrified of most things. But who is a total lovebug to my special person. I’ve been called a champion cuddler!

    I tend to bond closely with one person, who I look to for guidance and security. For this reason, I’m looking for a quiet home with one adult and infrequent visitors (I may have to be confined while there are visitors—luckily I’m fine in my crate!) and no other dogs or cats (although I have interacted well for short time periods, I’m just too jealous to share you with anything other than a houseplant or two!). Lucky for you, I’m a great conversationalist and can be quite a chatty fellow when the mood strikes. If I need or want something, I’ll definitely let you know, especially if I’m excited!

    One thing for my future adopter to know: My cuteness requires some maintenance, and I will need trips to the groomers.

    I’m okay being home alone, if you’re a working pet parent. I’m a good self-entertainer and don’t get anxious about separation or get into mischief. I also love my toys and a little playtime in a fenced backyard when the weather’s nice. There’s nothing I love more than to snuggle with my person, though. If you’re like me and would rather binge watch Netflix or read a good book than be part of a crowd, we just might be made for each other.

    My estimated birthdate is 9/1/2013.

    I’m in a foster home so please fill out an adoption application if you would like to meet me.

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