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Cat Adult Large Long Fur Female
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  • About Zara

    Hi, I’m Zara!

    I’m a shy but very sweet and gentle fluffy long-haired kitty.  I have silky fur and love petting but am still getting used to shelter life due to losing my person and home. My person went into the hospital and I was left in an empty apartment for a while with just food and water.  

    They aren’t sure how I feel about other cats yet but I probably don’t want to live with a dog since I was tormented by a yappy little doggy in my previous home and that made me skittish.   I like to burrow and also sleep on the bed with my people but I need encouragement to come out for petting.  I will blossom and thrive in a quiet home that understands my needs.

    My estimated birthdate is 8/1/2011.

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