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2016 Happy Tail: Bernice, Buster, and Flora

While they all came from different intakes, Bernice, Buster and Flora were together in Animal Aid’s Main Room and got to know each other this year.  All three cats are young and playful.  

And lucky for Bernice, Buster and Flora, they caught the eye of one adopter: she wanted all three of the young cats! 

While Bernice got to go home with her adopter right away, Flora and Buster had to stay at the shelter a few more weeks because of ringworm.

But that didn’t sway their adopter, she came several times to visit them in their isolation room.  She even rented a 4-wheel drive car on a snowy day when Buster was declared free of ringworm and ready to be picked up!  Finally, by the end of December, all the kitties made it to their shared forever home for a three times the tail-wagging happy tail!

Bernice was adopted in November and Buster and Flora were adopted in December.

2016 Happy Tail: Cole

It’s hard to believe how long Cole, a handsome young black cat, was with Animal Aid.  He spent nearly two years in our care.    

But being passed over by potential adopters didn’t make Cole give up hope on finding his forever family.  And Cole had experienced a tough loss before coming to the shelter.

His former family lost their home to a fire.  Luckily everyone survived, but Cole’s family had to give him up.  

Cole knew his second chance would come – and it did. 

Animal Aid knew Cole would do best in a home with another cat buddy.  And as it turned out, his perfect home was with another Animal Aid alumnus adopted this year.

After Avery was adopted and renamed Aloysious by his new parents, it didn’t take long for them to see he wanted another cat to play with.  So they returned to Animal Aid to add Cole to their family.  

Cole, now called Smoot, is doing great and has a wonderful friendship with Avery.  Both cats are very happy boys!   
Photo courtesy of adopters.  Avery was adopted in January and Cole was adopted in April.  

2016 Happy Tail: Baby

Adorable Baby, an American Eskimo dog with the fluffiest white fur, came to Animal Aid with a kidney condition. Despite her health, this little girl is well-behaved and affectionate – a perfect fit for her forever family.

Baby, now renamed Abby, gives plenty of love to her adopters.  She’s getting used to other dogs and has loved the snowy December days.  Baby also was featured in this happy tail video that played at Animal Aid’s fall fundraiser.  Baby is a Helping Hands pet, so Animal Aid helps pay a portion of her medical bills.  She is now the baby of her own home.     

Baby was adopted in January.

2016 Happy Tail: Gilligan

Gilligan is the type of dog who can melt anyone’s heart.  He came to Animal Aid weighing 40 pounds, a little too large for a French bulldog.  But with his smile and easy to love personality, Animal Aid knew he wouldn’t be without a new home for very long.  And that’s exactly what happened.  

Gilligan’s adopters had never owned a dog before, so they wanted a furry friend who got along with everyone.  Once Gilligan settled into his forever home, the adventures began.  He’s been camping, has played in the snow and proved to be a great addition to his family – who had him included in their Christmas card! Gilligan sure found his perfect home.

Photo courtesy of adopters.  Gilligan was adopted in April.

Winter Letter from Samir

Dear Friend of Animal Aid,

Hi there, I’m Samir!  You may not have met me yet, ‘cause I’ve only been at Animal Aid for a little while, but I couldn’t be happier to be here.

I came to the shelter as a surrendered animal; my people were moving away to escape a domestic violence situation and they couldn’t take me with them.  They told Animal Aid that I lived with other cats, but none of my buddies were dropped off with me.

samir-web0At first, I was really shy and scared at Animal Aid.  I was in a new place without my two-legged and four-legged family.  But after moving into an office with a human, I’ve come out of my shell.  The office human says she’s seen me really blossom.  

Now, I come out to greet visitors instead of staying hidden away in a desk where the human works.  And once I get some pets, I start purring loudly in no time.  I also love sitting on laps.  “Samir” means loyal and charming companion in Arabic, and I sure embody my name!

I’m currently quite a large guy – I weigh over 20 pounds!  I need to lose about 7 pounds to meet my goal weight, so Animal Aid is helping me diet.  They even got me an orange feeding ball to help me get healthier before I get adopted!

This holiday season, please donate to Animal Aid to help them care for pets like me who come from tough circumstances.  We may not have permanent homes, but Animal Aid’s shelter and foster home placements let us rest easy and be loved while we wait for the right people to make us forever members of their families.

By opening your heart and including Animal Aid in your end of year giving, you can help homeless animals in the year ahead.  Donations are all tax-deductible and allow Animal Aid to provide us a comfortable temporary home and all the care we need.

No matter the size of the gift, your support makes a difference: you help make my life better and brighter!

Wishing you a happy pawliday season and a purrfect new year,


How to Help Animal Aid Pets This Holiday Season

gracie-fm-card-rf_2152Amazon Smile: Select Animal Aid, Inc. as your charitable organization on and 0.5 percent of the purchase price from your eligible Amazon Smile purchases will be donated to us!

Amazon Wish List: Our animals hope for gifts this time of year too!  We need your help with cat food, cat toys, office supplies, and more. To make it even easier, Amazon will ship your gift directly to the shelter.  Find our Amazon wish list here.

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Giving Tuesday Raises Thousands for Animal Aid

On Giving Tuesday, the biggest giving day of the year across the globe, Animal Aid supporters wowed us with their donations.  Our original goal was to raise $750 for upgrades to our emergency dog kennel.  But before noon on Nov. 29, we had already surpassed that goal.  Donations and #unselfie pictures kept coming in.

In total, we received $2,728 in donations on Giving Tuesday – that’s nearly quadruple the amount we hoped to raise in one day.

unselfiesmick-crop-thank-youWe were so humbled to see the generosity of our donors.

Every donation counts towards making a homeless pet’s life better while they are in our care.  Animal Aid cats and dogs cannot thank our supporters enough!

Fall Newsletter: Three Easy Ways to Help Homeless Pets This Holiday Season

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Amazon Smile: Select Animal Aid, Inc. as your charitable organization on and 0.5 percent of the purchase price from your eligible Amazon Smile purchases will be donated to us!

Fred Meyer Rewards: Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Animal Aid! Learn more at


Fall Newsletter: Alex Hussey, Serving the Animals

img_5459Army veteran Alex Hussey first heard about Animal Aid through the Wounded Warriors Project after looking for volunteer opportunities in the Portland area involving animals.

Animal Aid caught his eye after he learned of its front entrance ramp and single floor visiting rooms.  These are necessary shelter features for Alex; he lost both of his legs in Afghanistan.

While serving with the Fourth Brigade Combat Team of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in 2012,  Alex  was seriously wounded after a hidden explosive device detonated underneath him.

Alex required immediate medical attention, followed by years of intense rehabilitation—including learning how to eat and speak again.

Alex returned home to Oregon two years ago and has been “an animal lover his whole life” from “growing up with five cats—one for each family member.”

Since last year, Alex has been an Animal Aid socializer on Tuesday afternoons.

Alex says the most rewarding part of socializing is “feeling the love from all of the cats.”

Meagan Cuthill