Volunteer for the animals

Use your professional skills to assist with our operations, fundraising, and outreach efforts! Volunteer positions include assisting with front desk reception and administration, development and finances, facilities, marketing, and events. We are so grateful to the people who give their time and expertise to our organization.


Are you super organized and want to help animals out? If so, this position is for you! Administrative volunteers are a vital part of Animal Aid and help with the day-to-day shelter operations. Assist with reception duties, including greeting guests, answering phone calls and voicemails, filing, data entry, accepting donations, and much more.


  • Shifts are scheduled Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • We strongly prefer you commit to one shift per week. If you cannot, however, we can put you on a list for special projects and you can come in when you’re available to help.


Lend your event planning and assistance skills to Animal Aid’s fundraising and outreach! Events range from larger annual fundraisers to smaller outreach activities such as dine and donates; fall and winter photo events; plant, jewelry and garage sales; pop-up events; and more!


  • Hours vary per month based on scheduled events. Events are often held on weekends. Quarterly event meetings are generally held on weeknights.
  • One or more of the following skills or interests: event planning, event support, outreach, fundraising, and marketing.

Development & Finances

Got a knack for numbers? Can you craft a grant that will dazzle funders? Want to increase your understanding of nonprofit development and finances? We’re seeking interested volunteers at all skill levels interested in helping us build our Development and Finance committees.


  • 2-4 hours per quarter commitment for quarterly meetings and projects
  • Understanding of finances and budgets
  • Ability and/or interest in networking on behalf of the organization


Put your handyworker skills to use to make a difference in the lives of animals. Help oversee the property, equipment, and maintenance of the building and technology for Animal Aid. Projects include maintenance tracking, building renovations, technology purchases, landscaping, and more.


  • 1.5-hour monthly meeting on a weeknight
  • Various additional hours depending on projects or subcommittees.
  • Interest in interior design, building maintenance, or equipment research welcomed!
  • Experience in project management, architecture, or contract work are a plus.


Do you love animals and want to find creative ways to tell the world how they can help? Join our marketing team and work on a wide-range of projects, including assistance with materials for events and fundraisers, newsletters and appeal letters, press releases, social media management, photography, and more!


  • 1 hour monthly meeting on a weeknight
  • Various additional hours depending on projects
  • Some background in communications/marketing, graphic design, photography, public relations, writing, or social media management, as applicable
  • Willingness to be trained on and adhere to Animal Aid’s marketing, design, and social media guidelines

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