Volunteer Application

  • *If you encounter any issue filing out this online application you may download a hard copy version here and return by email to volunteer.coordinator@animalaidpdx.org
  • Please check off all areas that interest you
  • Please check off skills and qualifications you have acquired from employment, previous volunteer work, or through other activities, including hobbies or sports. Please write in additional skills not listed under “Other.”
  • Person to Notify in Case of Emergency

  • Agreement and Signature for Insurance and Liability

  • Approved volunteers in good standing may be protected under the “Directors and Officers” liability policy held by Animal Aid, Inc. (AAI). Such coverage may only exist while volunteering on behalf of AAI under the direction of AAI staff or another authorized volunteer. Volunteers are expected to understand the inherent risks of volunteering with AAI. Further, volunteers hereby waive any claims against, indemnify, and hold harmless AAI, its respective officers, directors, employees, sponsors, representatives and volunteers from any and all liability, including attorney fees, which may result from illness, personal injury, property damage, or wrongdoing resulting from involvement with AAI’s volunteer program.

    I understand the goals and mission of Animal Aid, Inc. as an Animal Aid volunteer, I agree to work toward these goals and to represent this mission in my contact with the community on behalf of the organization.

    I understand that when I represent Animal Aid, Inc. or deal with people who think I am speaking on Animal Aid’s behalf, if I express my own opinions I need to include the disclaimer “The opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect the policies of Animal Aid, Inc in Portland, Oregon ” or otherwise make this point clear.

    I attest that the above information is accurate and give Animal Aid, Inc. permission to verify any of the above.