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The mission of the Foster Home Program is to give animals individualized care and socialization to ensure that they will be easy to place in new homes and will be adopted by families that can best meet their needs.

Types of Foster Homes:


Caring for Dogs
Mr Lucky - thats the spot - th- Foster

  • All dogs are placed into foster homes until they are adopted. This is an urgent and constant need.
  • Big, small, old, and young–dogs are placed in foster homes where they are most likely to fit in with the family home situation.




Caring for Cats

Janet (foster) with Hope KK (1)-foster

  • Intake/Short-term Cat Foster: This is generally 2+ weeks and allows a foster home to isolate new cats before moving them into the shelter or providing extra care to a recovering kitty (i.e. from a spay/neuter).
  • Long-term Cat Foster: These homes most often care for cats who are not thriving in the shelter environment or are long-term residents who need a break from shelter life.
    • We only occasionally do kitten fostering, please email before filling out an application if you are only interested in kittens.






Foster homes are a critical part of our program and help save lives each and every day. They also often provide socialization to shy and timid animals, helping them prepare for adoption. If you are interested in becoming a foster home:

Fill out a Foster Application by Clicking HERE


Questions? Email us at foster.dog@animalaidpdx.org   or foster.cat@animalaidpdx.org for more info.