I’m such a flirt! I’m Whiskers, the gray and white tabby with the “come hither” green eyes. I was born around 2003. I roll over, I snuggle, I make muffins–I’m the kitty with character plus!

Due to a previous injury, I drag one of my back legs a bit, but a purr is a purr and play is play. I put my all into both, and I don’t let it slow me down–just check out this video of me climbing the kitty tree and up onto the highest cabinet. Besides, a little limp adds character to my kitty swagger.






Due to a past filled with abuse–including having a BB bullet logged in my spine–and some medical issues like frequent bladder and urinary tract infections and arthritis, the people here at Animal Aid have decided that it’s in my best interest that I stay permanently in my foster home. My needs are very specific, and I’m very happy and well taken care of by my foster mom.  Check me out “playing ball” with her. I just think she’s the bee’s knees, and I love getting all the pets and attention.

I can’t say thanks enough to the generous people who give money to help pay for my long term care! If you would like to help sponsor me, please check out the Heartstrings program, which helps Animal Aid ensure that I and all of the other animals at the shelter or being fostered receive the top quality care and medical attention we deserve.